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Wholesale | man beauty makeup market of eye shadow

by:Kazshow     2020-09-07
In the beauty industry, has been growing, especially men, beauty makeup product market blue ocean is bigger, which should be developed on a global scale, the Chinese male beauty makeup product market growth is very fast. Below small make up together and you know about the eye shadow wholesale manufacturer. According to related survey data show that between 2016 and 2019, average annual growth of the Chinese male cosmetic market retail sales for 13. 5%, far higher than the global average of 5. 8%. Castle peak capital in the early 2020 Chinese FMCG investment opportunities report, it is claimed that, Chinese men wash protect the market size of about 15 billion growth of 17%, and the development of male cosmetics market is to be reckoned with, nearly two years growth were higher than 50%. Business staff over the past 30 days ( On June 30, 2020 - On July 30, 2020) Data also showed that men's neck cream, eye beauty glue, the man eye essence to clinch a deal amount is the fastest growing year on year, men care suits, men's facial cream, clinch a deal amount cleansing men's fastest growing year on year. Men's cosmetics market blue ocean, the scale is not small, but the blue ocean market tuyere has arrived, so some new brand want to expand the market, can seize the opportunity, tightly combined with effective marketing, is a good chance of development.
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