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What cosmetics manufacturers | the Chinese cosmetics development trend?

by:Kazshow     2020-09-13

2020 years is a special year, in such a special one in mid air make-up will appear what trends, what needs to be faced with challenges and opportunities? Cosmetics manufacturers below small make up take you know together.

outbreak, many industries are in huge uncertainty, companies face the risk of fracture, funding many limelight sheng brand was about to attack had to slow pace.

perfect diary become a first ever double tenth govinda Tmall colour makeup product the top brand of home products, including eye shadow, lip makeup product glaze, mascara, eyeliner, are for the first category sales. In addition to perfect diary, another Chinese cosmetics brand west also entered the list of the seventh.

this is the last 2019 years, the domestic cosmetics an epitome of the perfect moment.

but this session of consumers love easy come, easy go easy. Domestic cosmetics in the new 2020, will appear what trends, what challenges will be,?

in the first place, a symbol of the tide, IP will continue to be employed for further mining.

1 month in 2019, the Chinese high-end cosmetics brand 'mgpin' launch and wen gen joint cooperation of the imperial palace 'artistically east series' in the second quarter; Double tenth day, the Palace Museum, taobao shop online cosmetics '' the Palace Museum in 600 limiting; A second IP the Summer Palace, the makeup product brand in March and card d. reached cooperation.

so the Chinese cosmetics will be the opportunity and challenge, in other brands could not enter to the market, was often the opportunity.

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