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What color (size, type, specification) is available for pretty eyeshadow palettes in Kazshow Cosmetics?
Generally, Jinhua Kazshow Cosmetics Co., Ltd provides eyeshadow palettes with specified dimensions, sizes, and shapes. You can find the details on the "product specifications" listed on the product page, or also contact us directly which proves to be the fastest way. Sometimes, considering the product performance and the chemical or physical reactions caused by the combination of raw materials, the internal structure design of the product is hard to change but the external appearance can vary based on different needs of customers. Usually, we keep our existing products in stock and can deliver them to customers as soon as possible.

Kazshow Cosmetics has been engaged in food machinery for many years. The lip makeup series has become a hot product of Kazshow Cosmetics. Kazshow face foundation is delicately manufactured and reflects a high level of technology. It greatly boosts people's confidence in appearance. Its clean lines and fresh colors will go a long way toward creating a personal retreat that is welcoming and relaxing. This product is able to resist extreme temperature and UV light.

It is Kazshow Cosmetics's goal to seek the excellent quality. Contact us!
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