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The empty crossover aiming at 95 after the empty to lead the tide makeup cartoon secondary yuan combined with makeup

by:Kazshow     2020-09-11
This year, is qiao beauty cosmetics industrial co. , LTD. Guangdong XieMei empty MOOKOO and efu: two common appearance in the first year of CBE cosmetics brand. In the W2 WVIP7 - outside of the pavilion 1, a huge & other; Diablo capsule & throughout; Attracted the attention of many participants. Beauty, then, the air inside the booth is introduced into two dimensional elements, building & other; Diablo capsule & throughout; And why? “ We want to reduce the distance with after 95. ” Lv Junjia, said young after 95 is among the make-up of the target consumers, know the communicate in the language of the young and the young man, can really resonate with them. Next, the empty hope from henan, hebei, hubei, anhui and jiangsu 5 large area, this paper will gradually network spread to the country. “ Now I am very happy to see the cosmetics market flowers & throughout; Lv Junjia said, in the fierce competition in the cosmetics market, the empty hope to lead a & other; Island open cosmetics & throughout; The agitation. Many points cake can't be afraid, afraid of is their lack of brand personality, blindly follow blindly. And the empty this belongs to the young people, personalized brand, with understanding and interpretation of the after 95, the cosmetics & other Throughout the play &; 。 Cosmetics processing, cosmetics generation processing and OEM processing factory, eye shadow, lipstick makeup product, cosmetics OEM, ODM makeup, cosmetics OEM manufacturer, cosmetics manufacturers, make-up Dillon cosmetics processing cooperation for guangzhou, guangzhou Dillon processing factory is a professional makeup product.

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