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The cosmetics wholesale | brand in the beauty industry grow

by:Kazshow     2020-09-22
Underdog brand, but in the beauty industry, the brand achieve the growth of buck, cosmetics wholesale manufacturer below small make up take you know together. Foreign said: recently, the beauty that is brand back to the beauty of the world's largest beauty makeup product group l 'oreal brand namely net sales to achieve double-digit growth over the previous year, a record high, joined the l 'oreal group is 2014 & after the other; The strongest quarter & throughout; 。 Subsequent & other; 6. 18' Large presses, the United States is on the platform of Tmall sales nearly triple digit growth, is nearly two times in the same category. The beauty that is brand continued strong contrarian growth, there is no doubt that benefit from the brand, as always, to consumers as the center of product innovation and optimization, and can gain group digital fu brand operation strategy. Beauty which has been China's enlightenment, single one-sided film but after joined the l 'oreal group since 2014, there have been bad-mouthing voice. Then, l 'oreal China & other; Beauty is skin care center grinds only & throughout; As is beautiful & other; Products throughout the brain &; , is shouldering the beauty that is the responsibility of the product optimization. In 2019, based on China's young consumers insight to the demand of face film laminating degrees and whitening effect, beauty with & other; Throughout 377 creme facial mask whitening &; Heat up, add jia-qi li recommended, such as time. This year, at the early stage of the disease, the United States is also listed on the main emergency repair of ceramide gauze mask, solve the consumers change garments according to the sensitive skin and & other; Masks muscle & throughout; . In addition, relying on strong in the l 'oreal group's digital marketing ability and large data analysis of consumer insight, the active promotion channel strategy, namely the development center of gravity moved to online. In the growth of such a brand to achieve contrarian, able to break through in the beauty industry, underachieving views before break.
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