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Standing on the tuyere category cosmetics offline brand how well the store sales, Higher-ups action)

by:Kazshow     2020-09-01
Ye Guang: about the makeup of the tuyere, everyone have what opinion? Bo zhao: now is indeed a true development ushered in the makeup. Zhang: Rome is not build in a day, the accumulation of tuyere is actually a kind of trend. Is the year of a colour makeup, but also in a product, after a certain makeup precipitation in the outbreak. But now is not to say that the tuyere in we will be able to earn the money, is first BuYuZeFei, ready to take off in advance, if haven't ready, that is with the organization. Zhang Zhaohong: makeup is an important category. But consider from the perspective of retail business, cosmetic, personal care products to the transformation of colour makeup, need fashion scene. Colour makeup is not to refer to more homogeneous brand, but to subdivide, focus on category degree of differentiation and pertinence. Ye Guang: the owner how do cosmetics sales scenario? Dr. Bo: more than a decade ago I makeup regionalization are put forward. But there are still a lot of stores in order to save area, remove the dressing table. And the shopkeeper himself did not make up with the clerk. Need to emphasize that the colour makeup is painted, no experience won't be able to build store makeup atmosphere. Second, cosmetics must be professional, some makeup product brand shop too pursuit of quantity, but ignored the homogeneity of the brand, finally led to store goods. Finally, we also do foreign consumers customize supermarket as the makeup of the choose and buy, so consumers go to makeup the need professional guidance. Cosmetics sales scenario cannot be divorced from reality, to conform to the consumer spending power. Zhang: junior players generally do, collective, all is the make-up products, but have not experience area, makeup is not put the things on line, colour makeup is a kind of atmosphere. Choi Sally this year joint factory made some counter. Try to create & other; Let makeup & throughout; Atmosphere, colour makeup gathered all cosmetics brand, at the front desk design made on both sides, one side is in the product display area, on the other side is a experience area. This counter is not logo, inclusiveness is very strong. Zhang Zhaohong: makeup is a category with collateral, pay attention to the scene, to create a beautiful mood and atmosphere, which is very important for cosmetics shop. Now a lot of colour makeup stores set a theme, can not only meet the functional needs of the customers, but also brings emotional satisfaction. But cannot too fashionable, fashionable feeling sometimes dilute scenario. Ye Guang: choose cosmetics stores in cosmetics products should pay attention to what issues? Dr. Bo: at most three styles of makeup brand, adhere to the less is more, not to much and refinement. Zhang: makeup is actually play inventory. China's business is good, as long as the good grasp of the popular degree of focus on product. But the timing is very important, either early or late. On selected goods, when not to add on, have certain experience to do subtraction. Retailers must survive must let BA to choose products, don't know BA products relies on training pin. Colour makeup is playing out not to come out. Zhang Zhaohong: store cosmetics positioning differences. Brand although less, but as long as the clear positioning, can set a certain user groups. Human resources co. , LTD. , under the condition of FMCG can be utilized to lure younger customers, such as create the feeling of fast fashion with mask category. How do you sell the most core is a tool, a lot of people put tools in the island as a furnishing articles, actually should put the tool into the cosmetics sales. To grasp Ye Guang: at the same time in the make-up of the tuyere, for assessment with employees what advice? Dr. Bo: stores sell cosmetics, staff commission is very important. But a lot of employees like selling goods in great demand, selling cosmetics without the habit of experiential service. But colour makeup is painted, shop to give guidance, mainly on the experience rewards system as long as do colour makeup experience, you should reflect on performance. Zhang: freight yard, just said the scene, the following talk about people and goods. “ People throughout the &; Is to find the similar & ndash; — With common interests, and even the similar people of faith. The standards to the employees as the wife of shop-owner. For customers, would rather she things don't buy a penny, but to let her remember our shop. Refused to sales task type. “ Cargo & throughout; , can not only see the policy force product, can give employees do blind test first. Products to make differentiation, could eventually provide twenty percent of the people are very good.

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