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Retail cosmetics manufacturers | beauty makeup industry rising, by leaps and bounds, what's the point?

by:Kazshow     2020-09-23

in the beauty industry want to retail, there is a rapid rise rapidly by leaps and bounds have what skills? What's the point, to bring? Cosmetics manufacturers below small make up take you know together.

in 2019, is a continuous evolution for local beauty beauty makeup product industry, new technology in industry cluster, industry, industry chain optimization effect, driven by China's cosmetics industry entering & other; The new economy & throughout; The era of comprehensive awakening. In 2019 the national limit total retail sales of cosmetics such as more than 299. 2 billion yuan, compared with the same period last year growth of 12. 6%. In 2019, retail sales in 8. 0%, this is the third year in a row, cosmetics is higher than the total amount of social consumer goods grew.

at the same time, the broadcast and new media marketing style change, such as consumer aesthetic consciousness of the upgrade, the rise of consumer groups and the differentiation and diversification of consumer demand, inoculation and casting the industry the new peak of hairdressing and beauty makeup.

Hakami told WWD, buying trends in the past few years there has been a marked change, and unfortunately, a lot of temporary haven't adapt to the strategy and brand image of the retailer will be less likely to survive. For consumers, their main attention will continue to fall in the overall experience and the consistency of different channels of information, so the brand image building is crucial. And consumers are more accustomed to instant gratification, so choose a more seamless shopping method, including the online and offline.

' Beauty makeup the retail also have a different strategy to lower prices, but compared with the possibility of clothing prices extremely low, beauty makeup product brand pay more attention to inventory and not enough on. Moreover, beauty makeup products are not like a dress with the seasons change. ”

so in terms of sales, beauty makeup game is followed by a trend of development, seize the opportunity has a great relationship, because today is the most fire sales way is to live with them on the goods in the form of a cosmetics sales, beauty makeup has obvious advantages in the sales model.

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