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Make-up generation processing | published by the state food and drug administration: how to identify cosmetics illegal claims and false propaganda words

by:Kazshow     2020-09-25

cosmetic words need to be careful, some publicity words is illegal and false propaganda, colour makeup generation of small make up take you know about the processing factory, the latest cosmetics illegal claims and false propaganda diction.

the recognition cosmetics illegal claims and false advertising information, on December 24, 2019, the state drug supervision administration ( Hereinafter referred to as & other; Food and drug administration & throughout; ) Website, publicity words made clear specification defined in the cosmetics industry. As follows:

cosmetics refers to inunction, spray or other similar methods, applied to the skin, hair, nails, lips, such as the human body surface, with cleaning, protection, beautify, decorate for the purpose of daily chemical industry products, the role of mild, just play a supporting role. For a magnified effect has health function, express or implied, or provocative advertising diction, consumers should be rational treatment.

according to the regulation on administration of cosmetics label 'cosmetics named sets' the cosmetics name guide documentation requirements, such as cosmetics claims that language should be determined according to the language environment, prohibit express or use the meaning of words including but not limited to the following words:

1. Absolute meaning. If available, super, omni-directional, premium and change skin, remove wrinkles, etc.

2。 Mostly false meaning. Such as add only part of the natural products cosmetics, but claimed products & other; Pure natural & throughout; , is the mostly false meaning.

3。 KuaDaXing meaning. Such as regeneration, change skin, resist fatigue, large breasts, high permeability, transparent activation, antioxidant, live.

4。 Medical terminology, express or implied, medical function and effect of the words. Such as prescription, medicine, treatment, detoxifying, anti-allergic, in addition to bacteria, without spot, remove scar, germinal, dissolve fat, thin body and all kinds of skin disease name, name of various diseases, etc.

5。 Medical celebrity's name. Such as shen nong, bian que, hua tuo, zhang zhongjing, li shizhen, sun simiao, Florence Nightingale, Bethune, etc.

6。 Approved drug names. Such as skin mite spirit, etc.

7。 And is no connection between the characteristics of the product, the consumer is not easy to understand the meaning. Such as decoding, digital, intelligent, infrared, etc.

8。 Vulgar sexual meaning. Such as & other; Naked & throughout; Used for & other; Naked & throughout; The vulgar sexual meaning, shall not be used; Used for & other; Naked makeup & throughout; ( Such as make-up cosmetics) When you can use.

9。 The feudal superstitious meaning. Such as ghosts, goblins and hexagrams, evil, the soul. And as & other; God & throughout; Used for & other; The gods & throughout; When the feudal and superstitious meaning; Used for & other; Off-dry & throughout; ( Such as aromatic cosmetics) When you can use.

10。 Beyond that the purpose of language. Such as special-use cosmetics declared may not exceed the 'cosmetic health supervision regulations' and its implementing rules of the interpretation of the cosmetics for special meanings. The cosmetics for special use cosmetics may not claim the special role.

more than cosmetic propaganda content words, from guangzhou makeup product machining processing factory, eye shadow, lipstick makeup, cheek is red the OEM factory, guangzhou Dillon cosmetics to sort out the food and drug administration's official website.

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