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Lipstick wholesale | wind restoring ancient ways is Mary d better play

by:Kazshow     2020-09-04
In the cosmetics industry, in order to promote the development of industry, product constantly updated, launch different products in different time, this time Mary d better played the wind restoring ancient ways, lipstick makeup product below wholesale manufacturer to learn together with you. It is understood that the field for Chinese cosmetics brand fashion show Mary her beautiful hand in hand to China's famous independent designer brands JI CHENG, in the 1840 s & other; Victorian & throughout; Both elegant and romantic pursuit of golden period for the inspiration of 'SS21 cold tone strong trend makeup product: light A restore ancient ways makeup', make A dream as feather, with red for the crossover of the fashion show. T stage, JI CHENG continues the consistent style of art printing, folding and multilayer structure, founder and designer of JICHENG la vie to cutting of the pragmatism and full of charm and harmonious compatibility design, unique interpretation of the new era female aesthetic art of collision. This time to launch the product, can bring what surprises for consumers? We focus on the latest dynamic development together!
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