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Lipstick wholesale | small anchor shaking tapes makeup brand goods small harvest of traffic

by:Kazshow     2020-09-03
Social live platform in the present moment is one of the most popular sales model, shaking goods hit big anchor tapes, basic understanding, but not all of the host to be able to like jia-qi li, but in this case, the small anchor challenge shaking tapes successful outing. The lipstick makeup product wholesale manufacturer below small make up take you know together. In July, a few small anchor by consolidating, set the video of drainage, again tie-in & other; Low price products + live with cargo & throughout; Getting good sales strategy. For small amount of fans of the host, in the public domain in the pool drainage, became the basis of sales promotion studio to them. And according to the data show that in live with goods, niche brand goods sales also good grades, with available data in the field of colour makeup product is also very good. So little anchor cooperation goods sales, the cosmetics brand which the flow is a very good harvest with cargo cooperation mode. Case has been a lot of good grades.
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