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Lipstick wholesale | raise happy how much of a brand?

by:Kazshow     2020-09-15
Keep happy much associate is a lactic acid bacteria beverage, but in the recent to fetch a guard, lipstick makeup product wholesale manufacturer below small make up take you know together. Pin 40 million bottles a day, keep happy much with lactic acid bacteria to protect the brand to the Chinese market, also didn't realize & other Keep happy much freedom & throughout; I, again want to start saving money to buy a music more to protect skin to taste? Recently, Japan YAKULT raise happy more group announced its official in Tmall international cosmetics brand, open & other; Yakult overseas flagship store & throughout; , this is the first time raise happy beautiful makeup product to enter the Chinese market. It is understood that the Japanese corporation entrepreneurship Yakult group in 1935, more than raise happy founder generation field mori in study, lactic acid bacteria found beneficial lactic acid bacteria on the skin of the body also go a long way, so in 1961, and raise happy began in Japan's kanto cosmetics, product officially went on sale in 1971. In 2006, changed its name to the cosmetics business & other; 益力多Beautiens” , to experience many iterations. And have more drink, Yakult cosmetics main & other; Lactic acid bacteria & throughout; Fermentation ingredients, advocating & other; Inner and outer beauty & throughout; The idea of. At present, Tmall Yakult international flagship store sales overseas are raising more overseas local cosmetics, including LeKe, rui Vichy, parry, more h g dike brands such as 43 product, on the other hand, essence, cream, mask, cleanser, toothpaste and other categories. Raise happy more than the launch of a brand, has broken the traditional cognition, not just confined to drink again, but to cover a product of a drink.
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