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Lipstick wholesale | male consumer market really is?

by:Kazshow     2020-09-17
In general, the lipstick wholesale, cosmetics wholesale market, etc. , are a women-only consumption, consumer strength by women, everyone is there for all to see, and men's spending power? Then by wholesale small make up take you personally know the lipstick makeup, although the male consumer market than lipstick wholesale markets such as consumer, but this does not prove that male consumer market is very small. Like Mr Luo trill recently finished live in trill with cargo debut, had few hours sales breakthrough, after many months of time, because of his unique personal style, his studio began to appear to belong to his fans. And this group of fans, the men's watch occupied almost half of the number of, and women also is only a small part of this prove? This male the spending power of any female weak! And cosmetics such as lipstick makeup product, eye shadow, eyebrow pencil care products than most men consumption object is on some electronic products and games and so on, as if the lipstick makeup in the wholesale market, labial glair colour makeup product is tasted like for women, with fatal attraction, but for men, electronic products is their favorite. Like Li Jiaqi studios rarely appears the male skin care products, is this why? That's because most of his studio audience are women, very few are men, they live on the target object is different, and doesn't like both cases, so do not partial to deny the male consumer market is not big, this is only the side we see.
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