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Lipstick wholesale | in the beauty world agitation of the software company

by:Kazshow     2020-09-18
As a lipstick makeup wholesale small make up, what we see in the software company this noun, feel very strange? , after all, everyone at the thought of software companies, and even to programmers, software programming, all kinds of code structure, such as the IT industry with beauty makeup things no relationship, ok? Even lipstick wholesale small make up I think so too, then the agitation of the makeup industry software company in the United States what did, then by the lipstick makeup wholesale small make up take you to understand it. wholesale - Parker company's new operation. As we all know, the parker company is a company has been set up the software company for many years, in the software development industry has always been the top one, but the company is a whim, so suddenly attack beauty makeup, rely on their own ability, developed an AR try darken lens AR on the makeup of the software. Want to know, due to the expensive cosmetics, try makeup product has had many of the younger sister are the most headaches. But since it can provide to consumers try makeup after AR software introduction, set off a big wave agitation, lipstick makeup, cheek is red or pink color number can be directly by the software online to try and pick out the most suitable for their own makeup look directly, very convenient. The most important of all, this enchantment AR trial makeup mirror after use, also can give consumers skin care, health and so on a series of information, let the consumer can deeply understanding to the personal body situation, also is loved by many consumers. Darken the emergence of AR trial makeup mirror, stirred the beauty makeup industry, make the global many cosmetic companies, businesses are in the cooperation.
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