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Lipstick wholesale | Drunk Elephant brand update clean product category

by:Kazshow     2020-09-10
In the beauty industry, innovation is the power of the development of beauty industry, only continuous innovation, to promote the development of the industry, with the experience of different products to consumers, but in a recent Drunk Elephant brand update cleaning products category, lipstick makeup wholesale manufacturer below small make up take you know together. As representative new ingredients skin care brand, Drunk Drunk Elephant like fame after the buyout by shiseido continued to expand, and this year has introduced sleep mask, hair care series of new products. Recently, the drunk like officer declared the makeup water product to be released. According to the brand, this item E - with the brand Rase™ Formula is given priority to, the formula including micelles, have a soothing effect of vitamin E, moisturizing fatty acids and oils rich in antioxidants, can dissolve in cosmetics and dirt at the same time, the formation of skin protective barrier. Drunk like this Milki discharge makeup product water present emulsion texture, and the composition such as ceramide collocation, it is alleged that the vegetable oil to help achieve clean at the same time, mild vitamin E, fatty acids can also help the skin not allergic, moderate makeup. In addition, the pH value of 5. Under the action of zero discharge makeup water, the product also won't destroy the sebum membrane of the weak acid. In propaganda effect, saw that it was a very good product, but in the actual experience, the experience of what surprise? To be together!
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