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Lipstick wholesale | doraemon skin on the convenience store

by:Kazshow     2020-09-05
Doraemon is the anime many people grow up, but this time the skin care products doraemon packing, here small make up together and you know the lipstick makeup product wholesale manufacturer. In order to celebrate the Japanese popular cartoon image doraemon 50 years old birthday, kose skincare brand snow muscle essence introduced A limited-edition skin suit. This series of 7 - with Japan 11 convenience stores to jointly develop, signed a series of products including snow muscle, on the other hand, cleansing cream essence popular skin care products. In A limited amount of doraemon draw string bag, snow muscle essence in the mini models, as well as A skin cleanser, peels gel on the other products. Besides doraemon, snow muscle combined with the summer theme, to fix Japan's summer program fireworks is blended in among them, the theme of the design combined the fireworks and duo la A dream lovely packaging, to use the bamboo dragonfly and classic doraemon image of the air gun. Doraemon skin on the convenience store, broke the original understanding, is only A cartoon characters to realize that this is A skin care product packaging design.
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