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Lipstick wholesale | critical red beauty makeup the little elder brother crazy powder

by:Kazshow     2020-09-22
As a walk in the beauty makeup lipstick wholesale small make up, is also an in the mind and the very young age lipstick wholesale small make up, favorite things to do the same as everyone, that is to eat the melon! Today, lipstick wholesale small make up will take you to eat the melon with me, what is today to eat the melon? Then by the lipstick makeup wholesale small make up take you to understand it. What happened is that a famous foreign beauty makeup product blogger named James, Charles, in a foreign country with tens of millions of fans, once he is going to attend a conference activities, his fans know this news, waiting for the early arrives on the scene, but James, Charles is late enough after two hours. And why he was late is also very surprised of all, the reason is James Charles in recording a video response to his mentor through with his video. This period of video soon pulled out by a great number of eating melon the audience, and crazy circulated on the Internet, after fermentation, through the network and the influence of the things is also becoming more hilarious. And Tati as James, Charles's teacher, is also a lead by James, Charles has just entered the beauty makeup product, her performance is disappointing to James, Charles, James started to step into world beauty makeup, Charles is almost without any resources and products, even the beauty makeup video are made for James, Charles Tati, as James, Charles's fame as well as the number of fans to ascend, Tail are felt very delighted, to have such a proud of his disciples, is a very worth showing off. But the consequences, is completely surprised the Tati, ungrateful enough to describe the word James, Charles. So blind by money and power, James, Charles has doesn't care spending it with the relation of teacher and even injury treated him like a son Tati, can not help but feel sad and sigh with emotion.
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