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by:Kazshow     2020-09-11
In 2020, because of the influence of the outbreak, need curtilage in the home, because of long time curtilage in the home, the girls skin warm hot immediately, and the concept of skin care is becoming more and more pay attention to healthy idea, lipstick makeup product wholesale manufacturer below small make up take you know together. According to related survey data show that, during the period of epidemic outbreaks during that occupy the home of female consumers face, on the other hand, the overall use of facial cleaning products ratio increased, increase the highest percentage of overall mask use, skin 'appeal to ascend, one of the highest demand after the main force is 90. In the survey also found that skin care focus on the concept of effect also gradually into the concept of healthy. Compared with fast and efficient product effect, security and stability is more important. Behavior change is behind the change of the concept of skin care. Skin care is no longer just & other; In order to more beautiful & throughout; , keep skin healthy, cefiro is skin problems. Research found that consumers of skincare choices after the outbreak becomes more objective and rational choice to protect skin to taste the key consideration by & other; Product efficacy & throughout; Into & other; Product safety & throughout; , to achieve the effect leading to be safe. Change of skin care concept, pay attention to the effect from the past, into a now pay attention to safety, consumer demand is very big indeed.
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