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Lipstick sales tell: electric channel bottom makeup is still hot to continue leading domestic cosmetics category

by:Kazshow     2020-09-21
Tmall and cut all kinds of mesh list of sell like hot cakes, the foreign brand, make-up category scores high, homebred brand flat, in the field of Tmall skin care, local cosmetics brand. Compared Tmall skin care, local brands in Tmall colour makeup product weak performance, rushed into the top ten brands, and is still & other; Old face & throughout; 。 Tmall cosmetics in the top 10 brands, local brands to grab three seats, Mary her beautiful, appearance and childish optimal spring respectively in 2, 3, no. 8, Korean brand innisfree in 10th. Mary d better, as it were, and the appearance and hold up almost the entire network and Tmall platform in make-up category of domestic brands up half the sky. Statistically international brands occupied half the sky, but the data and history are strikingly similar place, there was a time when the international brand of skin care products will occupy much of the domestic high-end skin care market. Skin care after the first 10 years of development, the domestic brands, with continual grow slowly edging out international brands in the domestic sales market, the domestic brand counter-offensive foreign brand war. Cosmetics brand to enter the Chinese domestic and hot it's just a matter of the previous two years, after the domestic consumer cognition and accept foreign brands gradually occupied the domestic market. Inadvertently reminds me of the tussle for the mobile phone market, nokia's crazy, is hot apple is overtaken by domestic brands bit by bit to retake the domestic market. From apple's popular can almost see the shadow of nokia, believe in the near time domestic mobile phone brand will thoroughly beat apple. brand may be able to see from the mobile phone market can be the direction of the future, time will prove everything. Historical data can see domestic cosmetics brand in the next 10 years of market space, we will see more domestic brand occupy the TOP20 electric business platform sales list.

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