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Lipstick plant | beauty makeup brand during the outbreak of the advertising budget will cut?

by:Kazshow     2020-09-18

because of the influence of the outbreak, influenced by a certain cosmetics industry, beauty makeup brand in during the propaganda cost budget can cut? The following colour makeup product small make up together and you know the lipstick makeup product plant.

although has taken a hit for offline sales face a lot of makeup, but the pace of online sales rose rapidly, so in the cosmetics industry sales prospects is very good.

in everyone's expectations of 2020 reservations, a question worth thinking was placed on the desktop: epidemic period, under the condition of enterprise cash flow nervous, beauty makeup product brand should reduce the advertising budget?

this problem, for always with & other; AD is big & throughout; Is known for its beauty on the group CEO Lv Yixiong, probably don't need to think more, & other; We must have all the increasing investment, be sure to achieve 100% growth this year. Because we increased three times advertising, this time our Tmall flagship store just had so much growth. 1 in February Tmall flagship store three shop. 800 million, including 18 stores 20 million, total Tmall sales 200 million sales. January to February combined than the average growth of 150% last year. ”

for the special period, consumers are caused by too much brand exposure will have antipathy, Lv Yixiong said: & other; At the moment, everyone was stuffy panic, need to consumption, need some passion, consumer can sometimes fun. No matter how the environment, life should be fun. ”

so in the current economic situation, although the economy has a certain impact, but the appearance level economic situation, more needs to be a beautiful makeup look to increase the fun of life and passion.

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