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Lipstick plant | air make-up to win social type video platform

by:Kazshow     2020-09-10

the first year is social type electric business in 2019, is also the air make-up shine for a year, many Chinese cosmetics brand, rely on the social type electric commercial rapid development, lipstick makeup product processing cosmetics factory below small make up together and you know it.

colour makeup product product sales during the month of December, perfect diary best selling eye shadow offer higher overall sales. Perfect brand diary products on the trill of the heat is not only reflected in the overall sales, this eye shadow tray, for example, although the percentage is only 6%, but still attracted 500000 fans, even millions of + of Lord for its propaganda, and they had to grab the eye shadow are proud of the plate.

in addition, in December, including perfect diary, west, young springs and other makeup product brand in the heat's 2019 hot products across the list again.

with simple and crude type video for promotion, promote the rapid development of the domestic cosmetics. Live video is not only a super network reds with stock, there are a lot of visibility temporarily lower anchor, the anchor on the number of laid hands on him, also can bring a lot of fans, also can bring good sales.

live social platform, with simple and crude way to live, can bring good sales, so the air make-up conform to the trend of development, a good sales.

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