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Imported cosmetics cosmetics processing | China banned the use of 'upgrade' and other words

by:Kazshow     2020-09-26

the cosmetics market, has been a huge market, for the further better management and standardize the market for cosmetics. China state drug administration ( Hereinafter referred to as & other; The drug safety & throughout; ) According to China's current regulations and the relevant technical specifications for cosmetics, the imported cosmetics is prohibited to use & throughout; Update & throughout; Words, such as cosmetics factory below small make up take you know.

Korean trade association recently released drug administration of China cosmetic solutions to supervision and management of common problems.

according to use purpose, use, function position, etc. , determine whether the product definition rules and regulations of cosmetics in China. Do not belong to our country cosmetics definition, shall not be carried out in accordance with the imported cosmetics declaration registration or for the record. Belong to the category of cosmetics is defined, it shall be in accordance with the requirements for cosmetics label management related rules and regulations in our country, the related content of product packaging label changes.

among them, the product of the formula was adjusted, the new products still use the cancellation of product name, not to be able to use & throughout; Update & throughout; Such as the fuzzy language, but can in the new product label & other; The new formula & throughout; 、“ Formulation adjustment & throughout; Objective terms.

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