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How to extend eyebrow pencil with brush warranty?
In general, we offer eyebrow pen along with a certain period of warranty. The warranty period and service vary from products. During the warranty period, we offer various services free of charge, such as free maintenance, the return/replacement of a faulty product, and so on. If you find these services are valuable, you can extend the warranty period of your products. But you should pay for the extended warranty service. Please contact our team for more specific information.

As a successful loose powder exporter, Kazshow has spreaded its products to many countries and regions. The eyeliner pen series has become a hot product of Jinhua Kazshow Cosmetics Co., Ltd. The whole production of Kazshow lip oil is supported by the technicians with extensive industry expertise and the leading production technology. Even stored for a long time, this product is bacteria-free. This product is wrinkle and fades resistant. And its vibrant colors are made exclusively not to fade with washings. Containing no harmful substances, the product is not likely to cause skin irritation such as redness and pimples.

Kazshow Cosmetics is willing to contribute to the development of faces cosmetics industry. Contact!
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