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How long will it take if I want smudge proof eyeliner pencil sample?
It depends upon if you've got special requirements for your eyeliner pen sample. Usually, we'll send the usual sample. Following the sample is sent, we'll send you an email notification of the condition of the purchase. If you experience a delay in getting a sample sequence, please contact us immediately and we'll help you confirm that the condition of the sample.

Jinhua Kazshow Cosmetics Co., Ltd is company with greater strength in lip oil industry. The lip oil series has become a hot product of Kazshow Cosmetics. This product has high quality. The materials of this high quality product have high definition and a certain degree of coordination. This product is perfectly suitable for everyday use. It has good competition capacity and a good development prospect. Containing no harmful substances, the product is not likely to cause skin irritation such as redness and pimples.

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