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How cosmetics manufacturers | cosmetics on WeChat and trill on what's different?

by:Kazshow     2020-09-21

WeChat and trill are flow of the giants, but the different platforms, make-up launch strategy is also different, cosmetics manufacturers below small make up together and you know it.

from the time dimension, the make-up class brand in WeChat public put focus on the 3 - May, in the second half to reduce the number of launch, as trill since march rise obviously, began to intensify launched in July and November ( Double 11 () Peak, fell again in December.

the combination of double tenth period platform user interaction trend data, double tenth time, cosmetics goods WeChat on the user to the total number of thumb up, praise comparison number average peak in November, the user interest for goods promotion related content is higher, at the same time a large number of marketing content also reduces the user interaction, so the comparison to the highest, intend to weaker user interaction.

make-up goods in trill on the video to the total number of thumb up monthly growth, thumb up top, August 11, 12 month review is low, the user interaction will stronger.

lipstick makeup product in cosmetics industry status, said an exaggeration, probably & other Much better to get the lipstick makeup is throughout the world &; , it has show, in the brand launch in WeChat, trill platform on the largest number of make-up goods is lipstick makeup, and far more than any other category.

of course, for the brand, also is a kind of new opportunities, because we found that prevent bask in, eyelash growth liquid, powder products in WeChat platform on the quantity is more, beauty tools, such as perfume, foundation in trill platform on the quantity is more, the category of products also have demand and market share has not yet been relatively saturated, have more space for the brand.

so at different times, different launch strategy should also be different, that can gain good effect.

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