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How cosmetics brand of cosmetics brand new work to more market

by:Kazshow     2020-09-01
Had countless businesses with makeup, but all forays, exiting, including procter & gamble such multinational giants. But in contrast, we these new brands, fundamental strength shall be comparable and, in addition to courage, just can't think of what,. What is called, there is no road, walk of person many also became road. But walk too much, but no way, but are blocking the road. In my opinion, under the environment of previous, if is the development of the traditional path, is don't work. In play, it is according to the impasse in walking. How new brand operation, are as follows:

is not in the CARDS: one of category mo ask instead of goods is not complete, not sold. This is one of the open a shop the principle of doing business, but it is also one of the trap. As enterprise, if it is takes a lot of course, the possibility that the odds are very few, and tuition fees may be high stalled or other enterprise bankruptcy directly. This is by no means alarmist. Colour makeup if want to go to the full range, including the face, lips, eye, such as nails, a magnificently contains dozens of products, color number, less said there are hundreds of item. A product's packaging material minimum is calculated, only packaging materials, capital pressure a few million are unremarkable. With the increase of new products and development, this will continue to increase. If sales not free, this is a disaster, because once out of fashion, makeup even gratis are not appreciated customer. In my company for processing a certain strength of enterprises, to launch make-up after a few years, operation is not successful, the backlog of material alone away a few trucks, loss of millions more. And successful companies, such as black, Mary was with started with mascara, if at first the horse went lot, estimates that there would be no today's brilliant. New things, not in the card # 2: do not seek other cosmetics brand is various, and innovate quickly, want to always keep your product fashionable feeling, can't lead, also cannot let several street the trend. So innovation is important, if once your brand is out of date, just waiting for the miserable. So in product development, must be new, faster, discerning. You don't have the ability to research and development new products, is what matters at the tide of international beauty makeup, the launch of the new product as soon as possible, in the process of acceptance by the market, their brand can enter, a place. In the new process, be sure to keep in mind not to novelty and positioning differentiation, it's not a bad thing, but in the new brand in the process of popularization, the other side of the unique is a short period of time may not be accepted by the market they can't withdraw money, the lack of new brands, cultivating cycle is too long, may make capital chain problems caused one false move may lose the game. If there is a guarantee in sales and profits, a forward-looking brand, make differentiation, it is also have not cannot. But there is no basis, it is best not to try. Not according to the formula card # 3: don't blindly extension, some new brands do not fall common, does not have its own marketing ideas, conformity and do as follow others how to do it. But others walk the road, mushrooms and fruit generally has been picked up, it's the truth. Now all kinds of exhibition, advertising and so on. Effect how, is to yourself to assess, others effect is good, isn't suitable for you. Several times a year the beauty of the expo, the success to order how many colour makeup product, visitors will see only. If letting advertisers to lobby, the old and new media the media cast on a few pen, might all be big boondoggle, money may only them. Choose to suit their own marketing ideas, is another key factor to the success of brand. Therefore, from the concept of the product, from the sales policy, find out the breakthrough point, to attract the attention of customers, expanding customer base, build the key model market, after the promotion, is a good choice. Currently on the market has a lot of new brands and new categories is depend on the success of the promotion, quickly open the market. Not in play four: centralized channel advantage, avoid by all means all flowering new brand according to their location, choose one of the most suitable for their own channels, concentrated energy and resources, the key breakthrough in the channels, and don't lay about, their limited resources distributed, and unable to play its proper role. Dig a 20 m deep pit, four five meters of shallow hole than to make it easier to get water. Some brand, also want to go online and offline channels are also expanding, see the store, do not help, all want to try out. Watch others to do what all easy, little imagine, any successful brand notting have is not much intensive cultivation of a single channel, such as sales do it after big channel expanding. For now, the threshold of the highest is the traditional commercial channels, such as KA supermarket, the lowest threshold is a new channel, but also each have advantages and disadvantages. This needs analysis where one's own advantage, you choose which kind of channel, which one do you prefer the potential channels or easy to break, you'll choose which channels. The selected channel do deep, do, you would have to be a winner, that's all.

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