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Guangzhou cosmetics odm | cosmetics market have how old? Perhaps 2019 cosmetics retail sales in the country more than 270 billion yuan

by:Kazshow     2020-09-13

cosmetics as an inheritance and development of the industry, has a long history of colour makeup, development to today has been a very huge market, development to today has been a rich product variety, product demand is very strong, especially in The Times looks at levels of colour makeup is more more vitality.

no makeup girl, also can buy a lipstick makeup, this is the charm of color makeup. Originally female consumers of cosmetics to buy buy buy is already unable to prevent the phenomenon of human, one of the male consumers now joined the makeup purchase force, the cosmetics industry hot really surprised. Have agency predicts full-year 2019 national cosmetics retail sales will exceed 270 billion yuan.

lipstick is merely cosmetics under the categories of one of the species, but lipstick makeup product showed different charm. In the United States, when the economic downturn, lipstick sales will increase, so someone summarized & other; effect & throughout; 。

especially such a looks at the level of era, the appearance of the level of attention to more and more high demand, the needs of the colour makeup is no longer limited to women, men's requirements for cosmetics, are also rising.

so the future of the cosmetics market is not limited, to make-up talents more and more.

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