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Eye shadow wholesale | the harry potter series cosmetics?

by:Kazshow     2020-09-02
When it comes to harry potter, believe that many people would say, super like watching harry potter, but harry potter is not just to the film, harry potter out cosmetics do you prefer? Eye shadow wholesale manufacturer below small make up take you know together. Ulta Beauty launch joint make-up series harry potter, this is every harry & middot; Potter fans dream: Ulta Beauty just cooperate with the famous wizard harry potter series launched an exclusive make-up series. This series with harry potter hogwarts four classic color and logo of the college for design inspiration, launch eye shadow, lipstick makeup product, lip makeup product is sweet, and other products, priced at between $10 to $25, 70元人民币, 176 yuan) 。 The harry potter make-up, believe there is a lot of harry potter fans, will like this a set of cosmetics products.
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