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Eye shadow wholesale | beauty makeup store offline new retail?

by:Kazshow     2020-09-26
In a recent focus are 618 online activities, online implementation behind hot big promoting activities, offline new retail also implements the outbreak. Below small make up and you know about the eye shadow wholesale manufacturer. Can see the case below, according to the data showed that 618 day Yintai department increased sales by 85. 8%, far more than the same period last year. 618 meow street on the day the order is 5 times in the same period last year, timing is nearly 10 times than that of last year. In addition, Yintai department for reconstruction of the line in the next five years will be a Yintai department. This means that Yintai retail online sales will hit 1:1 proportion. From Yintai case as you can see, the offline and online integration is the trend of The Times. Do channel sales is the development direction of the future, the future development of offline online is a big sales channels, to realize offline online synchronous, such ability can achieve better conversion.
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