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Eye shadow wholesale | and Coca-Cola out beauty makeup products?

by:Kazshow     2020-09-03
Speaking of Coca-Cola, believe that will remind of this drink cola, one of the two brands, but the recent have a cola brand cosmetics, this could break the inherent thinking, what is the matter? Eye shadow wholesale manufacturer below small make up take you know together. In 2018 with The Face Shop after small joint ( In South Korea to provide only) CocaCola the joint web celebrity makeup product brand Morphe launched co-branded make-up series be For Life Collection. This series of labial glair, eye shadow, monochromatic specular ( Gold/bronze/champagne) , make up brush set of products, price between $15 to $22 ( 106元人民币, 156 yuan) 。 This series is the main sales channels of Britain, the United States, Canada and Australia Morphe website. Coke out of colour makeup product, this time will come to what kind of amazing products, focus on product movements together!
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