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Eye shadow source | live on beauty makeup to reverse the situation of China's first rich street

by:Kazshow     2020-09-20
As an eye shadow supply small make up for the news has been the very focus in makeup product, recently, from the eye shadow supply small make up of my hands, according to found an important piece of news, then by the eye shadow supply small make up take you to understand it. Eye shadow supply - The new market of street. Shenzhen is a very developed city in China, that you must be aware, located in shenzhen huaqiang north, in the past but the first domestic electronic business district. Due to previous huaqiang north is rich in electronics factory, has an intact advantage in electronic components, especially in very hot time at that time, most of them because the price can't afford to buy a mobile phone, but huaqiang north local electronics factory enough, element types, lead to all sorts of fake, counterfeit machine emerge in endlessly, but the part of the total market has declined. Jobs's apple worldwide by mobile phones, mobile phone that performance will directly all sorts of shanzhai rolling on the ground, more than a decade, slowly huaqiang north has changed dramatically. Past electronics factory has almost completely disappeared, instead it is the fire live take goods in recent years, the construction of the multiple studio provide for the use of businesses, enterprises, and one of the biggest market is the kind of beauty makeup, all kinds of famous beauty makeup class brand in huaqiang this is occupies the absolute advantage! In particular, some new brand beauty makeup brand also plays a huge advantage in the low-end market, won a lot of consumer users. Most importantly, cosmetics live to huaqiang north is already far beyond the benefits do the benefits of electronic products, the prospects of future objective, but after huaqiang north road to the end will be how to go on, all this is unknown.
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