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Domestic brands hundred birds antelope with advertising refresh god to open the cosmetics market is preheated

by:Kazshow     2020-09-21
After the durex, WeiLong, circle of friends is the sparrow gazelles refresh again. @ regional climate panel for the finches antelope has made a god advertising a mirror exactly. Imagination rich content, netizens thumb up continuously, exclamation old woman I don't help, only helped the sparrow gazelles. Finally the murderer, & other; My task is to resist the time & throughout; The current big birds play a creative marketing. Based on the background of the republic of China, race against time, describes the everyone is in a race against time, cut into the make-up products is to win the race with time and weapons. Colour makeup product is the time to keep everyone's youth, both the republic of China and modern.

background from the republic of China to the modern campus, at first glance is a painting style is pure and fresh and idol drama, actually filled with imagination and twist god ones: she has a crush on the senior to confessions, listened to their girlfriends element face, only to find that senior has been exquisite makeup product girlfriends swept off your feet. Girlfriends makeup class by the teacher found that plant tying failure; She sadly back to the dormitory, just know originally girlfriends is about to go abroad, for fear is too easy to believe that she is hurt, just dug hole; Finally, the original corgi senior is a base & hellip; …

try best current young birds, actually began as early as 2008 years ago, including brand, product, channel, communication and public relations the digital transformation of five dimensions. Besides the sparrow gazelles this brand, it also introduced a younger brands grow flowers, on the brand positioning and the restoring ancient ways, pure and fresh and light together. You hear in the god turning advertising ones BGM“ Grow flowers ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ good good flower ~ ~ ~ & throughout; It is from here. And before the main protect skin to taste is different, the surrounding the lipstick makeup product AD to tell you, the finches current also will launch make-up, is listed in July.

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