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Cosmetics wholesale | Vichy and kingdoms pharmacy sales strategy

by:Kazshow     2020-09-16
The arrival of summer, is often a variety of sunscreen products, facial mask sales boom period, in cosmetics wholesale market, all kinds of sunscreen in summer will be a big selling, occupy a very large market in cosmetics wholesale market. One, the big brand l 'oreal Vichy's department in the first half of the year when the global economy has generally been declining, even their own company's other departments performance decline, it get such good grades, so, it's in makeup product wholesale market exactly what effect? Why will succeed? Then by cosmetics wholesale small make up take you to understand it. On some specific products, Vichy is first to make sure the safety of products and production efficiency, because of this, Vichy favored by the majority of consumers love and recognition. Another aspect, Vichy with nus pharmacy start to qualify under the mode of channel. In this way, will not only study the circle online and offline, and in consumer spending, at any time can seek advice to the doctor, let many consumers in consumption at the same time, you can also get knowledge about care. Most importantly, offline mode of pharmacy at nus, Vichy the main purpose of this program is not for sales, but for consumers to know the importance of skin care, popularize the benefits of skin care, one-on-one consultation for the consumer, do a big brand the populist action, win the hearts and minds, recognised by many consumers. Or, this is what is the success of the Vichy.
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