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Cosmetics wholesale | the Chinese cosmetics brand share into high-end market

by:Kazshow     2020-09-09
In the domestic cosmetics market, has a lot of colour makeup brand, but to enter the high-end market should how to do? In recent news, recently the Chinese cosmetics brand to enter the high-end market, below small make up together and learn about the cosmetics wholesale manufacturer. Recently learned some news, from August this year, the damned company's high-end brands & other; Damned & middot; Tang & throughout; The sephora stores sold exclusively in the country. On June 24, 18 new brand products have been all in SEPHORA SEPHORA electric business platform to take the lead in China. Sephora as high-end beauty makeup product retail brands in the world, since founded in 1969, has accumulated strong global beauty makeup brand resource, especially in such as dior, givenchy, the first tier international brand depth cooperation, the upper hand. But at present domestic to cooperate with sephora beauty makeup brand. In early June 2017, Mary play d better COLOR STUDIO COLOR with the identity of the Chinese cosmetics brand series have take the lead in sephora, in addition to be into the card after fosun acquisition ( Modern) The beauty of science and technology of traditional Chinese medicine skin care brand WEI blue. This time, thanks to the high-end market, can bring what effect? Let's focus on the development of the brand!
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