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Cosmetics wholesale | shiseido with MOE to develop China's beauty market

by:Kazshow     2020-09-15
The integration of resources development in the market, is conducive to the development of the market, in the joint venture was established with jas of shiseido recently, key send force to develop further, cosmetics wholesale manufacturer below small make up together and you know the details. Shiseido recently announced: corporation shiseido ( Headquarters: Tokyo central, chairman, President and CEO: fish GuYaYan, hereinafter referred to as & other; Shiseido & throughout; ) With the jas' ( YA- 人) Co. , LTD ( Jiang dong district headquarters: Tokyo, chairman and President: yamazaki your three generations, hereinafter referred to as & other; Jas' ( YA- 人) Companies throughout the &; ) In August 2020 to sign the joint venture agreement, will set up called & other; Avio EFFECTIM” ( The Tokyo central) The joint venture. The joint venture company is scheduled to start in October 2020. Capital: 4. 900 million yen, investment proportion is: 65%, shiseido, elegant of ( YA- 人) 35% co. , LTD. Shiseido said: will put himself through the skin care products such as cosmetics business advantage and develop by jas' ( YA- MAN) The company in the field of beauty equipment business experience, technology and the higher awareness of Chinese consumers. The joint venture company will be the first to the Chinese power market, the first bit to focus on anti-aging and home beauty equipment of Chinese consumers as the target customer group, the future will be in more areas to carry out the relevant business. Since 2021 in Japan, China, etc. A move, the two companies also said side at China beauty makeup product the market potential, this time together, launch products, whether can as expected?
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