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Cosmetics wholesale | beauty makeup industry trend of milk tea

by:Kazshow     2020-09-24
In recent beauty makeup industry, milk tea culture into, out of a lot of new products, and also bring beauty makeup industry of new hot spots, cosmetics wholesale manufacturer below small make up take you know together. In big colour makeup brand YSL has also recently stepped into the trend, launched a summer qualified lipstick makeup series & other; 奶茶店” That contains the square tube, round tube, the clarinet lip makeup glaze and matte glaze four big YSL star products, mainly has the caramel milk tea, milk salt, milk tea, toffee milk tea, milk tea and so on 12 hazelnut milk tea color number. In recent years, the cross-border joint has become a trend of beauty makeup brand marketing, like tea, nai snow tea, lele new tea brands such as color of tea, tea YanYue makeup product brand in the United States on the map. In march this year Zhang Dayi personal brand BIGEVE snow tea together and introduced & other; E the drink guard good life & throughout; Joint box, this box contains small milk cleanser, spotlight grind arenaceous cream, shower gel three sheet is tasted, corresponding domineering grape cheese, cheese, milk cover, smoothies, mingyuan tea base. And soft package surrounding listed, including scrub digging scoop, foaming, bath ball, pump head, headband and so on five samples. July leaven and lele launched you look tasty tea series, the series to lele peach dessert, fruit tea, milk tea powder peach cream cheese for design inspiration, launched a gradient blush, milk cover eyes lips make-up remover, juice labial glair, egg and peach peach peach beauty makeup eye shadow. Gift box design all products will be built-in & other; Milk tea box & throughout; , and attach the illustrations of the taste of cosmetics consumption guide. Called & other; Signed a large & throughout; Xi tea 18 years successively and l 'oreal, Mary her beautiful, clinique, hundreds of birds current brands such as cooperation launched customised version & other; Hei tan & throughout; , full cup red box, qixi festival & other; Blush box & throughout; , and magpie gift box, etc. , from milk tea color names, content, packaging, creative, and the integration of beauty makeup brand, many ways, such as continuous manufacturing hot topic, stimulate consumption. With milk tea, into the makeup of the hot topics. Beauty makeup product industry and bring a whole new experience in the form of what topic products? Let's wait and see!
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