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Cosmetics processing | when men began to purchase cosmetics products, refraction of the cosmetics market potential has a huge development potential

by:Kazshow     2020-09-18

makeup can give a person a kind of visual impact, through the makeup look can not only be able to give a person a kind of aesthetic feeling, more can improve personal temperament, so the colour makeup is more and more popular, cosmetics market is also growing.

in 2013 China overtook Japan as the world's second largest cosmetics consumer, then in recent years, people pay more and more attention to its image, even label & other; Appearance level throughout the justice &; , level of economy in appearance, cosmetics has become a kind of rigid demand, both men and women.

sephora beauty chain retailers in August this year launched the first man cosmetics series products. Both men and women, cosmetics consumption demand are growing rapidly. In 2017, the world men's beauty makeup scale reached 400 billion yuan, in 2023, that number could be extended to 540 billion yuan.

there were many colour makeup look, but there are common makeup makeup product: life cosmetics and Korean cosmetics. Life in many cosmetics, cosmetics should be relatively light makeup look, also appear to be some daily. Korean cosmetics makeup look natural and exquisite, are very common in many Korean or Chinese modern drama. Colour makeup is through the powdery bottom, lipstick makeup product and eye shadow to highly beautify facial cosmetics, such as to make you look more outstanding.

even if the girl without makeup, will also buy a lipstick, this is the charm of color makeup product. Male consumers now joined the cosmetics to buy force, cosmetics industry hot really surprised.

so giant in the cosmetics industry in the market, many marketers create their own brand, in the market for cosmetics and processing factory production product, cosmetics market, the profit model.

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