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Cosmetics OEM | live with goods for the Chinese cosmetics brand strong hwan new rise

by:Kazshow     2020-09-15

along with the increasing changes of sales channels, also contributed to the Chinese cosmetics brand refresh the rise of electric business platform in double figures, released makeup brand air beat foreign beauty makeup product brand management for many years in China. Cosmetics OEM manufacturer below small make up together and learn about the details.

the rise of new social network sales channels, domestic brand perfect diary for sales & other; Double 11 colour makeup list & throughout; , to the rise of success, and the sales pattern of social type, of the intimate relationship. This new mode of sales way, make a lot of Chinese cosmetics brand to achieve rapid growth.

has this kind of sales model, is a sales model of innovation, has become a trend of sales. According to QuestMobile '2019 pairs of 11 insight report, mobile phone a treasure within the APP to watch live user scale for 41. 33 million, an increase of 130. 5%. In 2019 & other; Double 11 & throughout; , live a treasure of turnover reached nearly 20 billion yuan, to become a new growth point.

live in the present with the goods are in a new sales model, are now XinXianQi, is undergoing a period of outbreak of domestic cosmetics brand is in a period of explosive growth opportunities.

although grasping opportunity of social media marketing is important, but the Chinese cosmetics brand in the long run of development, should pay attention to a variety of marketing methods, any kind of sales way, and not all channels, should pay attention to the combination form of marketing.

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