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Cosmetics OEM | cosmetics to ban the use of medical celebrity name que, hua tuo, zhang zhongjing, li shizhen

by:Kazshow     2020-09-24

cosmetics sales without effective propaganda, but it is prohibited to use in the propaganda, using medical celebrity for propaganda, and some special words in propaganda, promote cosmetics banned what words? Below small make up cosmetics OEM manufacturer, learn together with you.

national drug supervision and management of administration ( Hereinafter referred to as & other; State food and drug administration & throughout; ) Released on December 25, about 'recognition cosmetics illegal claims and false advertising,' said, according to the regulation on administration of cosmetics label 'cosmetics named sets' the cosmetics name guide documentation requirements, such as cosmetics claims that language should be determined according to the language environment, prohibit express or use the meaning of words including but not limited to, & other; Available throughout the &; 、“ Super & throughout; 、“ Comprehensive & throughout; 、“ Premium & throughout; 、“ Change skin & throughout; 、“ Remove wrinkles & throughout; Such as absolute meaning, etc. In addition, if only add the part of the natural product of cosmetics, but claimed products & other; Pure natural & throughout; , is the mostly false meaning.

in the propaganda used traditional Chinese medicine cosmetics celebrities and medical terminology, medical effect/effects of words that express or implied, it is prohibited to use in cosmetics, such as medical celebrity: bian que, hua tuo, zhang zhongjing, li shizhen, such as medical terminology, express or implied, function and effect of words: medical prescription & throughout; 、“ Medicinal & throughout; 、“ Treatment & throughout; 、“ Detoxification & throughout; 、“ Anti-allergic & throughout; 、“ In addition to bacteria & throughout; 、“ There is no spot & throughout; 、“ Remove scar & throughout; 、“ Germinal & throughout; 、“ Dissolve fat & throughout; 、“ Thin body & throughout; And all kinds of skin disease name, name of various diseases, etc.

at the same time decoding, digital, intelligent, infrared and other words, consumer can't easy to understand the words, also banned for use in the process of propaganda.

with vulgar meaning, such as & other; Naked & throughout; Used for & other; Naked & throughout; , shall not be used. But for cosmetics, such as: & other; Naked makeup product & throughout; When you can use. Ghosts and goblins, divination, evil, the soul. And as & other; God & throughout; Used for & other; The gods & throughout; When the feudal and superstitious meanings in propaganda also not be able to use.

in the propaganda, avoid to use these words to propaganda, avoid violation to bring the original heavy effect, to learn more about the cosmetics industry dynamics, pay attention to guangzhou cosmetics cosmetics OEM processing, guangzhou, guangzhou cosmetics manufacturers, Dillon cosmetics in guangzhou.

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