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Cosmetics OEM | beauty makeup market 'gain and loss'?

by:Kazshow     2020-09-02

due to the influence of the outbreak, the tourism of China have been affected, during the Chinese New Year travel retail industry have also been affected, beauty makeup product the rising market & other; Gain and loss & throughout; ? Below small make up together and you know about the cosmetics OEM manufacturer.

according to the Generation of Research the latest statistics, in 2018, China's retail market size of $79 billion, including $31 billion from cosmetics and perfume products. As fewer Chinese tourists, lower global tourist arrivals, the market may be a hit.

but China's cosmetics market, the sales way, it is not only offline sales, and more recently very popular online social type, has become an important way of sales, although tourism sales have been affected, but in the meantime many offline to online social type electric business for sale, rendering for social type electricity, a piece of hot phenomenon.

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