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by:Kazshow     2020-09-08

beauty makeup development there is a growing, in addition to the traditional beauty makeup products, now more and more special products, only unexpected, no can't do, cosmetics OEM manufacturer below small make up take you know together.

barrier-free beauty makeup product, specially designed for hand residual party products, so to speak. Terri founder of Beauty makeup brand Guide Beauty, Bryant is in his own suffering from Parkinson's syndrome after demand from their own makeup, created the brand. Although considered disabled when creating the product brand, but anyone can actually use it, whether it's hope to shorten the makeup time is first learning makeup product can benefit from the innovation.

there are special shampoos, you couldn't think of hops shampoo, shampoo the appearance design of beer bottles as inspiration, bottle way is imitation & other; Bottles of wine bottle & throughout; Open process, need to use a mixed special bottle opener to open the cap and put on the proprietary pump head can use shampoo.

this new series mainly has two kind of shampoo and a conditioner, according to different hair, two new shampoo respectively added hops and malt extract, in addition to raw materials such as caviar, without risk of child.

in the beauty world increasingly makeup big markets, new products will be emerge in endlessly.

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