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Cosmetics manufacturers | 'straight men economy' by Mr. Luo woke?

by:Kazshow     2020-09-19

as a live, has a devil & throughout; The title jia-qi li, couldn't wake up & other; Straight men run & throughout; , in this time is old wake up? In cosmetics manufacturers below small make up together and you know it.

called & other; The devil & throughout; Jia-qi li live career with a huge challenge & ndash; — Male skin care products, every time appear male things live, always there will be a full screen & other; He did not deserve & throughout; “ Throughout the next &; 。

this a large part of the reason lies in the studio audience jia-qi li is based on women.

but this kind of situation will not appear in the old studio.

old once in an interview said & other; We may be the only live a more influential, electricity about 80% are men live audience. ” This and live most of the audience on the market the opposite is also developing a new blank market.

men protect skin to taste of the target group is male, the height of the old studio audience match, appeared in the studio on the basis of the female powder, fans, of course, is not welcome.

although old beauty skin care products in the studio is not much, but almost every field in 1 ~ 2 men products for male fans.

l 'oreal man in old debut appearance, is to catch up with the good, the sales volume 7. 15 w, cumulative sales of 779. 74w。 Then in 5. 49 15 studios back, on the day of sales. 87 w, although there are some difference and opening, but also is pretty good grades.

this time old live results, male audience's effect is very good, can also be welcomed by so many male fans.

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