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Cosmetics manufacturers | shiseido first-half results showed a profit of 7. 7 billion yen in the Chinese market

by:Kazshow     2020-09-14

the first half of 2020 has been in the past, in shiseido recently announced half a year's sales data, according to data shows that the Chinese market profit of 7. 7 billion yen, the following by the cosmetics manufacturers learn together with you.

shiseido said: bullish on the Chinese market prospects for development, sales of fiscal year 2020 the year China is expected to achieve more than 10% growth.

note: because of the new champions league pneumonia outbreak, the Chinese business since late January is affected by a lot. But after late march because of the reduced number of infected people, almost all the stores now reopened, therefore in the global market of mainland China first appeared in the recovery of one million head, with high-end brand as the center, during the second quarter sales have to positive growth. In our continued to invest of electricity, especially the growth of high-end brands.

1。 Shiseido China sales during the first half of 100 billion yen ( Conversion of RMB: 64. 900 million yuan) In addition to the Japanese market overseas first; Profit of 7. 7 billion yen ( Currency conversion: about 500 million yuan) The shiseido group first;

2。 Shiseido China's retail sales grew 9% year-on-year in the second quarter, including mainland China achieve year-on-year growth of 19%;

3。 Shiseido channels of the second quarter of China's high-end cosmetics electricity retail sales rose by more than 150%;

China beauty makeup product the market potential is very huge, although affected by the epidemic, but after the outbreak of stable, sales of rapid recovery.

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