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Cosmetics manufacturers | Pikachu packaging of cosmetics?

by:Kazshow     2020-09-03

Pikachu believe that grew up with many anime character, but people are the inherent thinking this is anime character, but now on the cosmetics packaging, what happens? Cosmetics manufacturers below small make up together and you know it.

to make hair products scratch Scalp D Beaute, after a few years ago involving colour makeup product product line, create the popularity of eyelash essence products, and won first cosme is great reward. After that, the Scalp D Beaute continuously improved eyelash essence formula, and signed a yellow man and other popular IP to increase sales.

recently, Scalp D Beaute announced designed in collaboration with the pocket elf's qualified eyelash essence, this product USES the Pikachu classic image, make the red and gold two sheet is tasted.

such a colour makeup product, how many people can impress? How many people are there in the childlike innocence than evoke? We focus on the dynamics of the market together!

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