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Cosmetics manufacturers | natural skincare brand was bought by l 'oreal

by:Kazshow     2020-09-07

the integration is a process of development of the industry, natural skincare brand buyout by l 'oreal, is a new development opportunity, cosmetics manufacturers below small make up and you know the details of the acquisition.

was founded in 1847, Natural skincare brand l 'oreal acquisition, on Thursday, l 'oreal official sure buying American Natural skincare brand Thayers Natural Remedies, was introduced into China in 2004, represented by the hamamelis extract products, but the transaction was not announced.

last year, Thayers Natural Remedies for $44 million ( $3. 100 million yuan) Of sales. Thayers Natural Remedies after the acquisition will be merged into l 'oreal's largest consumer goods sector, President of Alexis Perakis - the department Valat, said the brand as a natural and healthy skincare trends early into the brand concept, full compliance with l 'oreal skin care the direction of the global business development strategy, will help the l 'oreal sales of skin care product portfolio to further improve in North America.

this bid, the successful acquisition, will bring what kind of development? We focus on together! Follow-up by the surprise of what to bring to market the product?

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