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Cosmetics manufacturers | makeup brand CBD outbreak in the United States is equal to shuffle?

by:Kazshow     2020-09-25

under the influence of the outbreak, beauty makeup industry, like other industries, also have been affected, but there is a brand in this outbreak, seize the opportunities, exploit the market, achieve the shuffle. Cosmetics manufacturers below small make up take you know together.

under the outbreak CBD still favored by capital market, but at the same time the outbreak will bring fatal to CBD small brands. Recently, foreign CBD start-up brand Equilibria complete $1. 97 million seed round, Salveo Capital and Hyde Park Angels led.

hemp industry consultancy, Viridian Capital Advisors, according to data released the 2018 global cannabinoids company brought in 13. 8 billion dollars. Even if the outbreak, the CBD is still the capital on a piece of the red sea.

outbreak power CBD sales growth

CBD is a fast-growing market, its sales in the future is expected to soar, many consumers report shows, people use the CBD to cope with stress and anxiety, and with the spread of the global epidemic, also will increase consumers' stress and anxiety.

due to a lack of clear federal laws and regulations, the health benefits of CBD product propaganda ability is unclear. CBD's ability to reduce anxiety, however, is still a key selling point. Considering the current situation, consumers seek help, it is very natural.

Brightfield Group, according to a new survey, 25% due to the outbreak of CBD consumers plan to more frequent use of CBD, 15% of consumers plan to use higher doses.

CBD supplier SoRSE Technology chief scientific officer Scott, 斯科特Riefler) Said the company in the field of CBD sales increased significantly, as consumer purchases rose, February and march B2B sales increased by 45%. And because the has nothing to do with the current crisis of coronavirus agricultural level exceeds the demand, CBD and hemp products supply chain is at a & other Consolidation pattern & throughout; 。 He added that, at present, four hydrogen phenol THC ( The spirit of active ingredient) Supply is also very high, which indicates that sales growth & other; Greatly welcome by the industry & throughout; 。

since stores are closing, CBD beauty makeup product brand Cannuka e-commerce sites in & other; A sharp & throughout; Growth, but founder Michael & middot; The state of Ghana ( Michael Bumgarner) Added that one reason could be the brand on March 9, launched a new detergent products.

personal care brands Kush Queen, the founder of the levy her & middot; Alexander ( Olivia Alexander) Said 60% of the sales brand from e-commerce, online orders increased by an average of 30% in March.

so in a crisis, can handle good, often also is a kind of opportunity, in the brand's way, also provide for reference for the development of domestic some new brand, in the face of crisis, ways of dealing with more important.

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