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Cosmetics manufacturers | HuaXi creature in 2. 900 million yuan to buy domestic second hyaluronic acid production enterprise

by:Kazshow     2020-09-27

industry developing without acquisition and integration, in this time HuaXi creature in 2. 900 million yuan to buy domestic second hyaluronic acid production enterprise, in the production of hyaluronic acid in cosmetics industry, need to use many cosmetics raw materials. What is the details of the deal? Cosmetics manufacturers below small make up together and you know it.

HuaXi biological June 9 late announcement, the company with dongying Buddha, biological engineering co. , LTD. ( Hereinafter referred to as & other; Buddha, & throughout; ) The administrator and dong Chen holding group co. , LTD. ( Hereinafter referred to as & other; Dong Chen group & throughout; ) Signed the agreement, agreed to 2. 900 million yuan, 100% of the equity acquisition Buddha.

the acquisition will help HuaXi biological market development, consolidate the industry leading position.

announcement, according to Buddha, the main business for hyaluronic acid raw materials production and sales, the construction has the domestic leading level of hyaluronic acid series product. Force, the production of hyaluronic acid raw material is given priority to with food grade, cosmetic grade is complementary, the current annual capacity of 100 tons of hyaluronic acid.

dong Chen group, according to the website information force for domestic production enterprises, the second largest hyaluronic acid, in addition to the hyaluronic acid products, has also developed related derivatives, including 6000 tons/year, D - glutamine RNA, L - Theanine, L - Citrulline, etc.

as the industry leader, in 2019, the business sector HuaXi biological three have a better development. Among them, the raw materials business revenue of 7. 6. 1 billion yuan, rose 16. 81%; 4 medical terminal business implementation of business income. 8. 9 billion yuan, rose 56. 34%; Functional skincare business revenue of 6. 3. 4 billion yuan, an increase of 118. 53%.

in raw materials business, HuaXi creatures continued to strengthen in the biological activity material raw material market dominant position; In terms of pharmaceutical products, HuaXi biological independent research and development production of hyaluronic acid medical terminal products in the field of biomedical materials. In terms of functional skin care products business, HuaXi biological insist & other; Pure component + effective absorption & throughout; The idea of sustainable development moderate no antiseptic added skin care products.

in addition, HuaXi biological hyaluronic acid moisturizing technology based keep moisture, repair, tramal further developed the formulation and technology system, aimed at different age, different gender, different ways of skin care, such as infants and young children, sensitive skin, ripe age the skin, such as groups, studies build the directivity stronger scientific formula and product system.

the HuaXi biological deal, not only can effectively consolidate the position of the enterprise, also can bring good business development direction.

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