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Cosmetics manufacturers | how to spend money on cosmetics consumer after 95? The number 2 years to buy a lipstick to trouble to move.

by:Kazshow     2020-09-11

now is the age of economic appearance level, is the age of a watch face. Under the social type live platform blessing, the make-up of the consumption after 95, become the important mainstay, just cosmetics manufacturers below small make up together with you know, after 95 cosmetics consumption ability.

1 a. m, Beijing sanlitun, on New Year's Party in 2020, bud bud in a game station to confess to. Bud bud was born in 97 in southern girl, big moment or have no idea about beauty makeup product & other Han han iron & throughout; , near graduation, she found the little red book and weibo beauty makeup the fire up, good friend also live makeup product every day, she began to be & other Don't buy lose & throughout; The feeling of driving chop hand, recent 2 years to buy a lipstick makeup has trouble how to let her move.

she kid said she laughs, & other; Have a lot of only had never hurt, also don't know why we want to buy. Protect skin to taste is, lock up but not so much face can be coated & other 。 Recently found herself when she moved too much makeup, give yourself & other; Hurt & throughout; , set the flag not to buy, & other To play a visit, then bought & throughout; She made a crying face.

the heart of the girl's beauty, and natural has the strong desire, in a social marketing mode, cosmetics consumption after 95 is crazy, also gradually into the main force of cosmetics consumption.

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