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Cosmetics live source | pill beauty of transboundary live what effect?

by:Kazshow     2020-09-23
Beauty makeup product live sales, is a very common thing, but in the & other; Green smoke live CEO pay day & throughout; , as the only invited beauty makeup brand, with what? Colour makeup live source manufacturer below small make up take you know together. Traffic hold good, often can bring different changes to the brand, especially the achievement content flow emerging as a new brand grow and change the decisive power of traditional home products. According to the report, in 2019 China live online user scale is 5. 0. 1 billion people, is expected to reach 2020, 5. 2. 4 billion people. Live user expands unceasingly, attract more and more industry and brand. Based on the rise of live boom and ceos in the studio is wonderful reaction, 6 June solstice 8, guangzhou city business bureau hosted a three-day & other The first section live ( China & middot; Guangzhou) ” 。 On June 6, the first live festival officially opened in guangzhou. WeChat depth involved, based on the ability of their products and ecological building & other; Tencent & middot; Blue star CEO live room section & throughout; , zhao invited & other; The selected product officer & throughout; , co-host jingwei tu, and pill beauty, metersbonwe eight companies such as CEO and executives, open & other; Star + entrepreneurs & throughout; Double partner innovation live with cargo mode. Watching live shows, based on the actual effect indeed. In pill beauty eye cream introduction, zhao wei & times; Jingwei tu the co-host, joint endorsement for the pill beauty products, beauty and pill CEO Sun Huaiqing is showing strong grass strength is hard to refuse. In the process of actual live, & other; Capable of grass & throughout; Sun Huaiqing soon caught live rhythm, established the pill the chief product manager, the key components of each eye cream products, specific efficacy, the main crowd is very understand, in plain language, and cooperate with relevant knowledge of skin care, as the host of zhao wei and jingwei tu were instant powder, have picked up the product to fit the trial.
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