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Cosmetics live source | pearl raya teamed up with hot IP nai snow beauty makeup theme

by:Kazshow     2020-09-05
In the beauty industry, product innovation, is the power of brand development continuously, so for continuous new products, is an inevitable result, and in the pearl raya teamed up with hot IP nai snow beauty makeup, theme colour makeup product live below small make up together and you know about the supply of goods manufacturer. Pearl raya & amp; Nai snow IP unicorn girl, bring unique pursue limited series pearl raya nai snow tea IP unicorn girl together, launched to & other; Care for young girl dreams & throughout; As the subject & other; Throughout the day blue dream &; Finite series. “ Throughout the day blue dream &; Box contains water overflow core muscle skin suit, and the baja insbaha print colour foundation and pearl raya nicotinamide accompanied net white mask, in addition, the set of box is tie-in a nai snow break into dreams unicorn girl doll. As pearl raya the popularity of skin suit, water ripples the core muscle skin suit by comprehensive improve skin water embellish degree as the main window, the blue bottles with the blue color photograph echo of the qualified.
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