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Cosmetics live source | beauty makeup market play?

by:Kazshow     2020-09-15
Beauty makeup market has always been a potential market, so the makeup is a fashion, but in recent beauty makeup product market play? Colour makeup product live source manufacturer below small make up take you know together. Through a case under the new style, beauty makeup industry new ideas as famous for one of the world on behalf of the famous cosmetics brand, M· 一个? C officially announced the Underground series of shelves in recently. This series of closely integrated with social media marketing, M· 一个? C is the official said it & other; Ultra high speed & throughout; The development of new products, because it has broken the traditional product development process, realize the small batch products from concept to production process of infinite. M· 一个? C social media marketing achievement has been praised by the market, brand building before hero union joint, the late singer selena joint series, and so on are realized once time empty shelves are seconds. Global chief marketing officer and senior vice President Ukonwa Ojo, & other; With independent brand founding team mentality we do this new series, and for M· 一个? C's loyal fans to provide products to keep up with the latest trends, and the series in the future will also maintain quarterly release frequency of 1 ~ 2 times. ” Beauty makeup product play the dynamic change of the market, so the r&d and production of products or goods are very pay attention to product updates, rather than mass, the variety of production and processing, and only to seize the tuyere direction, also only in this way can quickly grasp the needs of customers.
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